My Work-at-Home Mom Story – Part 3: Freelance Writing

Continuing my work-at-home mom story … When I was 10 or 11 I announced that I wanted to be a writer or a teacher. In sixth grade, when all the other kids were doing their reading time, my teacher allowed me to …

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My Top 3 Business Lessons Learned from Our MultiLevel Marketing Experience

So, in the last episode of my work-at-home mom story, I shared a little about Greg and I’s experience with multi-level marketing and direct selling. And how even though we chose not to continue that business, we learned a lot – …

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My Work-at-Home Mom Story – Part 2: MultiLevel Marketing & Direct Selling

Continuing my work-at-home mom story … While I had done transcription and freelance writing on the side before kids, my first solution to make that transition from a more-than-fulltime job  to being an at-home mom was like many other wanna-be …

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My Work-at-Home Mom Story- Part 1: Before Kids

I didn’t set out to become a work-at-home mom. It wasn’t my dream, it wasn’t even something I had considered before marriage or before kids. When Greg and I got married, having kids was part of the deal, and so …

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Insights on How to Make Money Working From Home While Homeschooling Your Kids (podcast)

Is it really possible to make money working from home while homeschooling your kids? Absolutely. In this episode of the Living Life at Home podcast, The Business Coach for Moms, Teisha Shelby-Houston shares her insights and experience as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom of 5 kids and as business coach on how you can follow your passions and interests to stay at home with your kids and earn money working from home.

Listen in for great tips and insights, and dont’ forget to download your free copy of Teisha’s book Get Your Home-Based Business Up and Running in 30 Days.

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