It’s So Easy to Compare Your Child to Others, Until…

I can’t be the only parent who has done it. You know, compared my child to another. When K was 3, she decided she’d learn to tie her own shoes, so she spent a month stealing every shoe lace she …

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Tips & Insights for Raising Boys & Kids with Special Needs (Podcast)

Kayla Fay, mom of 4, three of whom have ADHD Inattentive and one with a learning disability shares her insights and lessons learned about parenting boys and raising kids with special needs in this episode of the Living Life at Home podcast. Listen in as Kayla and Shannon discuss what it’s like to parent boys to adulthood, and how to help our children who have special needs succeed through their school years and into adulthood.

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A Father’s ViewPoint on Homeschooling, Parenting, and the Power of a Supportive Wife

Speaker, author, and parenting expert, Scott Hammond shares his thoughts on homeschooling, raising special needs children, the lessons he has learned from his son with down syndrome, the role of a father, midlife crisis, and the power of a supportive wife.

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Planting Seeds and Watching Them Grow

Catalogs are beginning to arrive in the mail again. They call to me, asking for time to sit and read, and dream about what could be done, if I had the funds to part with… Actually it’s a double doozy. …

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The Joys of Being a Work-at-Home, Homeschooling Mom

“Mom, I really really love you.” “Mom, I need your help.” “Mom, here’s a flower for you.” “Mom, want a chocolate muffin?” “Mom, can I watch with you?” “Mom, what are you working on?” “I got it Mom.” “Mom, Can …

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