Learning to Read: Using Reading Reflex to teach word structure


Last week Bobbie asked me about the Bob Books and what we use to teach reading. Now if you’ve been following along with these Learning to Read posts, you know that so far I have two voracious readers who came …

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Bob Books Review: Stories for Beginning Readers


On my Learning to Read: Celebrating Success post, Bobbie  asked about the Bob Books, a series of books for beginning readers that we use. So I thought I’d do a quick review. The Bob Books are these short little books, …

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Learning to Read: Celebrating Success!


Learning to read starts out as such a struggle, laborious and slow, but then there’s that first spot of victory, that spot where everything seems to click, where instead of laboring over a word, a sentence, a page in a …

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Learning to Read: From Struggle to Success


Learning to read is such a huge milestone for our kids, but each one of them learns at a different rate. My girls were early on the learning to read road, but my oldest got held up along the way …

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Q&A: How are you using the McGuffey Readers?


Q: You mentioned that you are using the McGuffey Readers. Can you tell me more about how you are using them? A: Before I can really answer this well, let me start with how I came to using them and …

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