A Few Christmas Images to Catch Up On


Since I was absorbed in other matters in December and didn’t get to share with you some of the fun stuff, here’s a few images from our Christmas holidays to catch up on. 

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This Year’s Christmas Charity: Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes


This week we had a fabulous time putting together our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Every year, as a family, we choose a holiday charity to participate in, something where the kids take the focus off themselves and what they want …

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Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas from the Thrift Store


My favorite place to hunt for christmas gifts is the thrift store. Seriously. Some fantastic, inexpensive Christmas gifts can be found at the thrift store – in new, still in the box or with the tags condition. The first time …

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Holiday Planning: Festivities


#5 in the Holiday Planning guest series by Jennifer Tankersley The images that are associated in my mind with the holidays are often serious and sacred.  However, so much of Christmas is meant to be fun.  Not that you shouldn’t have both, …

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Holiday Planning: A Festive Fortress


#3 in the Holiday Planning guest series by Jennifer Tankersley A house is more than a home.  It is a fortress, the place where we snuggle in with our loved ones and feel safe and secure.  During the holidays, our tiny kingdom …

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