Homeschooling High School

Resources and Information for Homeschooling High School

After years of homeschooling preschool and elementary, entering the high school homeschooling journey often feels like a new endeavor, new things to learn about – credits, transcripts, college prep, life planning.

For future reference, and for anyone else who might be interested, here’s a (growing) compilation of links, info, and resources I am finding useful in this journey of learning what it means to homeschool the high school years. Also, click here to read my blog posts about homeschooling high school.

Websites full of great information

Cindy Downes – Homeschooling High School pages - great information on credits and transcripts

HSLDA – Homeschooling Thru High School pages – High School Transcript pages

Informative Workshops

Homeschool for High School with Kathleen Duncan – Excellent workshop with a very useful binder with all the info she covers (just minus all the great stories she shares). She also does a session on how to put together a high school portfolio for the college application and scholarship process.

Magazines & Ebooks

Homeschool through High School back issue bundle The Old Schoolhouse’s ebook Homeschooling the Highschooler and the high school related  back issues offer some great insights from other homeschoolers who have graduated their homeschoolers or are in the journey with us. I always like hearing from others, and the ebook and back issues make it easier for me to do that.

  The HomeScholar’s Easy Truth About High School Transcripts ebook also has useful information about creating homeschool high school transcripts. Last time I looked, it also includes some useful bonuses like template transcripts and sample transcripts. Worth looking at, if you like a guided approach.


High School Curriculum I’ve Actually Used

Connect the Thoughts (Strong in Writing, History, and Thinking skills.)

Far Above Rubies/ Blessed is the Man (Unit Study based, excellent for learning how to assign credit for activities your students are doing)

Sonlight (Literature-based)

Robinson Curriculum (Literature-based)

Life of Fred (Math)

Teaching Textbooks (Math)

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