When Kids have Meltdowns & Tantrums in Public


Uncontrollable crying, screaming, yelling – ever seen a kid melt down out in public?  Last year at Christmas time, I ran into this three times in one week. The first was in Michael’s. The store was packed, and this young …

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Fun with Math: HexaFlexagons


Every once in a while I run across a resource that screams – THIS IS SO COOL!   Well, today is one of those days. The following two videos from Vi Hart a bunch of cool things you can do …

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Fear and the Unknown

I’ve been thinking a lot about fear lately. It seems to be what holds people, myself included, up from moving forward. The fear of what will happen, of what ifs, of imaginary monsters in the closet. Fear. On working from …

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Is It Really Possible to Learn Nothing Today?


July 24th is Learn Nothing Day. But really, is it possible to make it through a day without learning anything? Nothing at all? I hope not. Which, of course, is the point of Learn Nothing Day. It’s an opportunity to …

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CurrClick’s New Zealand EarthQuake Relief Efforts


On February 21st, the ChristChurch area of New Zealand was hit with an earthquake that rated 6.3 on the Ritchter scale, which causes all kinds of devestation.  My readers in New Zealand have been part of my prayers and thoughts since Tuesday.  …

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