Tips & Insights for Raising Boys & Kids with Special Needs (Podcast)

Kayla Fay, mom of 4, three of whom have ADHD Inattentive and one with a learning disability shares her insights and lessons learned about parenting boys and raising kids with special needs in this episode of the Living Life at Home podcast. Listen in as Kayla and Shannon discuss what it’s like to parent boys to adulthood, and how to help our children who have special needs succeed through their school years and into adulthood.

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Organization and Planning Tips For Busy At-Home Moms

Jennifer Tankersley and I share our tips and insights into how we can be better organized as busy at-home moms in this episode of the Living Life at Home podcast. Jen shares her journey on how she built on her natural talents as a planner to build her business, all while being a mom, wife, and homemaker. Topics covered include: time management, goal setting, menu planning, chores, budgeting, and keeping all the lists and plans organized.

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Insights on How to Make Money Working From Home While Homeschooling Your Kids (podcast)

Is it really possible to make money working from home while homeschooling your kids? Absolutely. In this episode of the Living Life at Home podcast, The Business Coach for Moms, Teisha Shelby-Houston shares her insights and experience as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom of 5 kids and as business coach on how you can follow your passions and interests to stay at home with your kids and earn money working from home.

Listen in for great tips and insights, and dont’ forget to download your free copy of Teisha’s book Get Your Home-Based Business Up and Running in 30 Days.

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The Power of Intentional Parenting & Why Creating Memories is so Important (Podcast)

Thomas C Rector, father of 5, Parent educator and the creator of the BioSocial Cognition model, shares his perspective on intentional parenting, the role of education, the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling, and the importance of creating memories with our kids. He also discusses his growth as a parent, and how adoption and being a child advocate has changed his perspective and lead him to develop the BioSocial Cognition model.

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A Father’s ViewPoint on Homeschooling, Parenting, and the Power of a Supportive Wife

Speaker, author, and parenting expert, Scott Hammond shares his thoughts on homeschooling, raising special needs children, the lessons he has learned from his son with down syndrome, the role of a father, midlife crisis, and the power of a supportive wife.

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