Lessons from a Dead Dishwasher


As a family of 6, with two teenagers and two tweens who are nearly always eating at home, and as a family who cooks most of our food from scratch, we go through a lot of dishes in a day. …

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How Do I Cook a Turkey – A Gluten Free Roast Turkey Recipe


Every November, when the turkey prices are rock bottom, I stock up on a few whole turkeys.  One is for thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and then one or two are for my freezer stash, to be eaten in the spring. …

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My Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipe


Now that the weather has finally cooled down here in Houston, the kids’ favorite afternoon treat is hot cocoa. It’s perfect for a cool afternoon or to warm up after playing outside in the mud or the rain. J, in …

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Taco-Style Lentils & Rice – Cheap, Filling, and Nutritious!


Taco Style Lentils and Rice mixed with Taco Beef is *not* the most appetizing to look at, especially in this picture, but this has become a staple in our house – an easy, filling, and nutritious meal for Greg and …

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Yummy Tomato Red Lentil Soup Recipe


J and I love tomato basil bisque, but it’s not very filling.  So when I ran across a Tomato Red Lentil soup I got excited – maybe there was a way to have that yummy tomato basil bisque flavor and …

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