Learn History Through Movies – a Great List of American History Videos


If you are studying American History this year, or like to strew educational videos for your kids, Robin Sampson at Heart of Wisdom has put together a printable reference timeline and a great list of American History videos. For me, …

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National Chemistry Week – Hands-On Chemistry at Texas A&M


Mixing things together, explosions, expanding polymers, gooey substances are all stuff my kids adore about science. So, this year for National Chemistry Week, the girls and I followed the lure of an day of chemistry fun and headed up to …

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A Trip to Six Flags When You Read with Your Kids


It’s time to register for the Six Flags Read to Succeed program again. If you’ve never participated in this program and live within 250 miles of a participating Six Flags theme park, you have been missing out on a great …

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When Kids are Too Busy


A few years ago, I looked at Kgirl’s schedule and realized that I had tilted too far into the land of formal schoolwork and activities. There was no room in her schedule for her. All the things that she used …

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Fun with Math: HexaFlexagons


Every once in a while I run across a resource that screams – THIS IS SO COOL!   Well, today is one of those days. The following two videos from Vi Hart a bunch of cool things you can do …

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