A Case Study: From Public School To Homeschooling High School


On January 1st, 2013, my 17 year old sister Danielle (Dani) joined our household. Before joining us, Dani was a junior, well steeped in public school culture, active in competitive sports, with full social life. But, during my New Year’s …

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When Will Kgirl Graduate?


Twice now in the last couple months, I’ve been asked when Kgirl will graduate, and I’ve stumbled badly in answering it.  It’s an innocent enough question, after all the majority of the world thinks in terms of graduation as a …

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A Homeschooling Record Keeping Tip for High School

Homeschool record keeping is my least favorite thing about homeschooling. I’m just not great with repetitive day-t0-day processes, so I tend to gravitate towards the easiest homeschool record keeping techniques that work for me, and still satisify any potential homeschool requirements we …

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In Our Homeschool This Month: Smashing Rocks for Science


In my attempt to bring us back to learning together as a family more, I’ve been creatively trying to balance K & J’s need to learn middle school and high school geology with introducing the topic to Little E and …

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Putting Together Homeschool High School Graduation Requirements


Last year after my daughter completed her first high school level class (an outside Latin class) and did well with it, I gave her the choice of either continuing on a traditional junior high (middle school) then high school approach, …

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