Fall 2012 – Homeschool Plan & Curriculum for J (8th/9th Grade)


It’s that time of year that most homeschoolers are firming up their curriculum plans, finalizing lesson plans, and preparing schedules for the new school year.  Here, it’s a little different. Over the years I’ve learned not to plan too much, …

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Dyslexia Games Review – Help for Children with Dyslexia and Processing Disorders


April and May of 2011 involved a lot of educational diagnostic testing for us. Z and J had reached a frustration level with their respective challenges and group expectations for boys their age (at the time 9 and 11) that …

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Q&A: What is Connect the Thoughts Geology? (review included)

In my Smashing Rocks for Science post, I mentioned that we are using Connect the Thought’s Geology curriculum as a framework for our geology study, specifically because it gives me high school geology for K and allows me to adjust for …

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In Our Homeschool This Month: Smashing Rocks for Science


In my attempt to bring us back to learning together as a family more, I’ve been creatively trying to balance K & J’s need to learn middle school and high school geology with introducing the topic to Little E and …

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Learning to Read: Using Reading Reflex to teach word structure


Last week Bobbie asked me about the Bob Books and what we use to teach reading. Now if you’ve been following along with these Learning to Read posts, you know that so far I have two voracious readers who came …

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