Our Mother/Daughter Road Trip to Dallas – Day 2


“This is fun. I love conferences” was Kgirl’s verdict by the end of day two of our Dallas road trip to the Family Travel Conference.  And no, it wasn’t because we ended the day with a progressive dinner through the …

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Our Mother/Daughter Trip to Dallas – Day 1


My time with Kgirl is slipping away. She’s growing up. Well on her way to adulthood. She’s already taller than me, can completely run this household, and has more marketable skills than the average high school graduate. She’s my baby …

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Living History at the Texas Renaissance Festival


Whether it’s the costumes, or the demonstrations, or just the atmosphere, there’s something about living history that appeals and opens the mind. And the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, TX does not disappoint as a living history experience. When Kgirl …

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Custom Travel Activity Books for the Fall Road Trip


While there’s a lot of travel activity books out there that we could have purchased for the kids to work on during our fall road trip, I asked K to create custom activity books for the kids. Why? Because I wanted …

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Fall Road Trip: Where are we going?


So, I realized last week that I announced it’s time for a family road trip, I forgot to tell you where we are going – sorry! Well, I guess I did tell you we are going to visit my mom in …

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