Disclosure Statement

The contents of this blog/website are, unless otherwise specified, written and edited by me, Shannon Stoltz.  The views and opinions I express on this site are mine, unless specified otherwise.

I sometimes write about products or services that I have used or have knowledge of. In very rare cases, I may share with you something that I have not personally had experience with, but comes highly recommended by someone I trust or is a product or service that I really want to try out because I believe it might potentially benefit you or I.

I only refer you to the same things I would refer to any other friend of mine in the course of conversation. If you have a need for a product or service I’m talking about, Great.. click the link and see if it will really meets your needs. If you don’t, then please just ignore the link.

I do include affiliate links on my website, for which I may recieve compensation for referring you to the product or service. However, any compensation I recieve does not impact my decision to refer the product to you.

I believe in sharing information through word-of-mouth and relationship marketing, but only if done in the spirit of trust and goodwill.  My goal here is to provide you with information I find valuable and feel you might as well.

If a product or service I would normally refer you to has an affiliate program, then I’ll include an affiliate link, as that helps pay for this site and for my time sharing info with you. If a product or service I want to share with you doesn’t have an affiliate program, that’s okay too. I’m still going to tell you about it, if I think the info might be of value to you.

As with anything, it is always best to be an informed consumer and verify any information (claims, statistics, quotes, etc.) with the actual source (company, manufacturer, etc.) I do my best to give you accurate information as I understand it. But I’m human, and your needs and interpretation may be different.

Now that that legal stuff is over…Thank you for visiting. I hope you find some tidbit here on the site that is of value to you.


Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Living Life at Home is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. If you make a purchase through one of our link, we may receive a small advertising fee, which goes to support our family and this site. Thank you so much for supporting us. :)

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