Consulting and Coaching

Homeschool Consulting and Coaching

If you are just starting out on your homeschooling journey or at a pivotal point and need or want some extra coaching or hand-holding, I do offer personalized homeschool consulting and coaching. We work on and discuss your specific situation and your homeschooling goals.

Free Coaching

If you have a specific question or situation you’d like me to generically answer, please feel free to submit it. Answers to free coaching are usually created as special Q&A blog posts and are shared publicly for the benefit of others as well. Also, because of the various demands of being a busy working, homeschool mom and wife, it may take me up to two to three weeks to answer.

But I will answer all  legitimate homeschooling questions that are submitted through the contact form for free. Just have to bear with me on timing and understand that response will become a blog post.

If you’d prefer private, personalized homeschool coaching with timely responses, I’m happy to work with you. Here are a couple options: 

Laser Focused Coaching

If you have a very specific question or issue you’d like to discuss or work through, we can start with just that. While I will always answer questions for free on the blog, this special laser focused coaching is private and personalized just for you. We’ll start out working via email, discussing and working through your specific situation and question. Your emails will be answered within 24-48 hours and are specifically tailored to you. Cost: $50


Getting Started Homeschooling

If you are just starting out homeschooling and would like to get those first six weeks off to a solid start with some personalized coaching, this option is for you. For six weeks, I’ll work with you on your goals and answering your questions, coaching you through the sticky points, and helping you find your way on the homeschooling journey.

With this option, you’ll have private, personalized coaching, specifically tailored to your situation for a full six weeks. You can email me as many times as you need to, ask as many questions as you need. My goal is to get you off to a confident and smooth start on your homeschooling journey. Cost: $297


With any of my coaching programs, if at the onset, your question or specific situation is outside the scope of my expertise, I’ll let you know right away and refund you.

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