In Our Homeschool This Week: Transitions

In my life this week…

After a week of sickness, everyone (except me) is back to normal. Yeah! But change is in the air…

One thing that is always consistent in life is Change. Part of life is the transitions from one normal to a new normal, and that’s what it feels like here.

In our homeschool this week…

We are transitioning again. Part of the ebb and flow of our homeschooling, adapting to where the kids are at and their individual development.

Kgirl decided to sign up for two dual credit courses through Houston Baptist University’s Academy program. I wasn’t expecting this, but it makes sense.

She’s ready to spread her wings a bit more and loves the feel of college campuses. The two classes are being taught in a format perfect for her – lots of reading and discussion. Classes begin in January.

In the meantime, she’s working on her special projects. This week she made an re-usable advent calendar (see pic at the bottom), knitted this hat for little E…

Knitted Hat designed & hand knit by Kate Stoltz

K also added to her new website for tween/teen book lovers, and spent hours working on one of her writing projects.

J just finished his first high school class, earning .5 high school credit. His grade – a solid A at 98.5%. When I asked him this week whether he wanted to have some structure going into January or whether he wanted to unschool it. He chose unschooling. Finishing the class was good, but he’s ready to work on his own projects for a while.

Z this week decided to return to reading and math practice. He’s back working on his Dreambox learning account (an adaptive math program), and started reading to me again.

For reading he decided to start the readers over again. And I’m happy to say his readiness this time was there! He remembered much and read with much greater speed than ever before. He even asked Kgirl to pick up a couple books from the library for him – a first and a huge milestone!

Little E and I are still working through Little House in the Big Woods – only a couple more chapters to go. We sat down this week to start reading her December book club selection, The Mystery of the Magi’s Treasure, intending only to read a couple chapters, but she insisted on reading the whole thing in one setting! Gotta love that!

She still insists I read her at least two chapters of Life of Fred. There’s just something about Fred that strikes her funny bone. I never thought I’d see her so excited about math, but the story format really speaks to her. :)

Little E also started playing around with iMovie this week and is now having fun shooting and editing episodes of her new show “The Blob Show”. We’ll see where that goes… :)

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Strew opportunities in your kids’ path. You never know what might catch their interest.  I honestly thought Kgirl would say no to the HBU dual credit courses, and she surprised me by wanting to go to the informational meeting. You just never know where God is leading them and what He has planned.

But if they say no or aren’t interested, also respect that. Neither of you will be happy if you try to force something that sounds like a good idea but doesn’t feel right. The right opportunities come along in the perfect timing – I promise.

Things I’m working on…

I’m working a lot these days – writing, editing videos, social media, networking. Now that I’ve fully dis-entangled myself from the technology training/consulting side of my business, it’s time to fully engage in areas that are authentic to who I am right now. Work is fun again, and I am thankful!

I’m grateful for…

  • God’s perfect provision and timing!
  • The ability to customize each child’s education to who they are and their unique abilities and developmental timeline.
  • The ability to work from home, doing work I love.
  • The secret surprises that go with Christmas time. :)

I’m praying for…

  • Sarah and Josh Brown, who’s baby was due this week. Not only are they the homeschooling family behind Dsylexia Games, but they also just moved to Italy as missionaries and are expecting their 9th child. If you feel led, please pray for their family and this new little life.
  • My friend Tonya’s family and their friends in Alabama who are mourning the loss of a friend’s son. To lose a child… oh how my heart aches for the family.
  • For those who struggle at Christmas time, may they be touched by generosity, grace, and love.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Here’s a glimpse at the Advent Calendar Kgirl designed and made this week from scrap felt. The final version has a green border and hangs on the wall. She’s got it stuffed with Hershey’s Kisses, enough so each of us can have two kisses each day as we count down to Christmas.

Homemade Advent Calendar designed by Kate Stoltz

Enjoy your week!

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