Our Mother/Daughter Road Trip to Dallas – Day 2

Largest Christmas Tree in the US (2012) at the Galleria Dallas

“This is fun. I love conferences” was Kgirl’s verdict by the end of day two of our Dallas road trip to the Family Travel Conference.  And no, it wasn’t because we ended the day with a progressive dinner through the Galleria Dallas, complete with pictures next to the largest indoor christmas tree in the United States and a special ice skating show.

Though I think the never ending choices of food and sugar throughout the day and evening definitely made an impression!

Kgirl choosing desserts at the Omni Dallas

Let me just say that the Omni Dallas does sweets really well! :)

What made day two special was the conversations and experiences that Kgirl got to be part of. I could not have asked for a better group of people to expose Kgirl to than the attendees, sponsors, and organizers at the Family Travel Conference.

Granted I knew my dear blogging friend, Tonya Prater – from The Traveling Praters - and her son Josh would be great company – and they were, but really every blogger, writer, and sponsor we talked with was encouraging, enthusiastic and interesting to talk with.

On the behind-the-scenes tour at the Omni Dallas, Kgirl (and I) not only got a new appreciation for the meaning of “laundry pile” (13,000 lbs of laundry a day!), but we also got to hear first hand from the Assistant Housekeeper, Jean-Pierre Salazar, who has spent his entire life in the hotel business, how working at the Omni Dallas is different than any other hotel he was worked at, and what it means to serve guests at the hotel.

Just one of the laundry piles at the Omni Dallas


During our Disney-themed luncheon, complete with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, we got to hear what parents across the country think about spending time with their kids, as Disney Parks shared their market research on why families are spending time and hard-earned funds to visit Disney and other family-friendly destinations.

Posting with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

The Disney lunch also gave Kgirl an opportunity to see that adults get excited about hanging out with Disney characters too – probably even more the kids. :)

Later in the afternoon, she got to try her hand at video editing, until I learned that that our table’s video coach, Desiree Miller from TravelingMom.com and Bottles to Britches is a veteran television reporter and producer in her own right. Then we just soaked up as much of Desiree’s viewpoint as we could, especially as she shared what she thinks makes a difference between a story and a great story. Amazing how just a few questions can reveal the hidden expert right next to you. :)

After observing the on-camera interview coaching with Disney Cruise Line’s experts, listening to the video editing coaching, and playing around with video segments that I shot over the weekend, Kgirl has decided that video editing is a form of story telling she’d like to explore more and build some skill in. A goal, I won’t argue with! :)

At dinner, we had the privilege of hanging out with Marina from Energizer Bunny’s Mommy Reports, Christine and Ray Young from From Dates to Diapers and Beyond, and Disney Mom’s Panel member, Marisol Lopez, who kept us laughing with stories. It was truly their company that made Kgirl’s evening special.

In all, while it was a working day, the experiences and conversations throughout the day were icing on this special weekend for Kgirl. Truly a trip she won’t forget anytime soon.

Dallas Road Trip - Kgirl & I at the Omni Dallas during lunch sponsored by Disney Parks

Many thanks for an informative and fun day go to the Family Travel Conference organizers – TravelingMom.com, Family Travel Forum, TakingtheKids.com, and Travel Media Showcase – and our day two sponsors, especially Omni Hotels, Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Lines, Visit Orlando, Dallas Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and Galleria Dallas.

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