National Chemistry Week – Hands-On Chemistry at Texas A&M

Mixing things together, explosions, expanding polymers, gooey substances are all stuff my kids adore about science. So, this year for National Chemistry Week, the girls and I followed the lure of an day of chemistry fun and headed up to Texas A&M University in Colllege Station, Texas, for their annual Chemistry Open House.

The girls at Texas A&M University for National Chemistry Week

National Chemistry Week, sponsored by the American Chemical Society, is a community-based outreach program, held annually in the fourth week of October. Each year has a theme – this year’s was Nanotechnology.

Texas A&M University’s chemistry students and professors put on an amazing open house, full of hands-on chemistry experiments, demonstrations, and even tours of the university’s chemistry research labs. And it’s all free.

In all, I counted it up, in the four hours we were there, the girls activity participated in over 16 hands-on chemistry experiments and watched another 21+ experiments demonstrated. Plus Kgirl got to tour three labs specializing in nanotechnology and do hands-on experiments there too.

In addition to the hands-on experiments, Kgirl loved the Chemistry Road Show and the tours of the nanotechnology research labs. Little E and her friend ate up all the hands-on experiments, flitting like butterflies from one table and lab to another, hungry to try new things and exclaiming over the wonders of science.

If you live within driving distance of College Station, Texas, I encourage you to attend next year’s Chemistry Open House. It’s an Awesome day of science! And totally worth the two hour drive from Houston.

If you aren’t near Texas A&M, be sure to check out the National Chemistry Week’s website for other events around the country and kid-friendly chemistry resources. There’s nothing like hands-on activities to get kids hooked on science!


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  1. Jill says:

    That was awsome work. The girls looked like they really enjoyed them selves.

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