Creating and Embracing Learning Experiences

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment -Marie MontessoriOne of the things that I love about the Montessori approach to education is that it focuses and embraces the experiences children have and acknowledges how much learning happens naturally in the process of experiencing the world.

Marie Montessori, of course, isn’t the only person who touted hands-on educational experiences. John Holt and Charlotte Mason also both had their take on letting kids really experience the world and recognizing the learning that naturally happens as a result, as do others.

One of my biggest focuses this year is to embrace the learning that happens as the kids are experiencing life and to expose them to hands-on, practical experiences that expand their viewpoint of the world around them.

Day-in, day-out this looks all very normal. It’s often just living life together, observing, and recognizing the learning that happens and embracing it.. But periodically there’s something huge that gets thrown in the mix.

Sometimes it’s a simple opportunity, like Kgirl’s dog grooming class, or a field trip opportunity. Sometimes it’s huge like one of our mammoth road trips.  Or something like this weekend, when Kgirl gets to accompany me on a business trip to a conference - Not just accompany but participate as well.

It’s a yet another opportunity to experience in a very real way, what it is like to go to a conference, participate, listen and learn with other adults. It’s an opportunity to hone her planning and packing skills, work on her social skills, and also to have fun, on a different level than at home or on a family trip.

This is an opportunity for me to watch my daughter experience something new, learn new things, and talk about things as they come up. What conversations come out of it, time will tell. But rather than me telling her about the trip, she gets to live it, experience it for herself. There’s no greater learning than that.




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