In Our Homeschool: Dog Grooming

For the last few years Kgirl has wanted to volunteer at an animal shelter, but many of the shelters in our area require volunteers to be 16 or older to volunteer by themselves.  But this Fall an opportunity came up that Kgirl jumped at – A Dog Grooming Class at a local poodle rescue.

Kgirl Grooming a Rescue PoodleThe Poodle Rescue offers dog grooming classes twice a year to train adult volunteers and help with the never-ending need to have the rescue poodles groomed.

Even though the class is for adult volunteers, Kgirl was granted special permission to take the class as a 15 year old.

So every Saturday morning this Fall, she can be found grooming a rescue poodle, and she loves it!

Not only is she learning a new skill that she can use immediately, but she is also helping out the shelter and increasing the liklihood that a sweet rescue dog will be adopted.

Where does this fit into her education? Honestly, I don’t know how this fits into the bigger plan for her life. That’s just not something I can predict.

Dog grooming is obviously another marketable skill, that she could choose to use later.  But for now, Kgirl is using the skills she’s learning to help out the rescue and for grooming her own dog, Jazzy.

But she’s also learning more communication and interpersonal skills, gaining confidence in a new setting and a new skill set, among adults.  She’s learning about how an animal shelter is run and how dogs are rescued, cared for, and adopted.

And she’s learning how by grooming a dog, taking a picture, and writing up a few insights, she can exponentially increase the changes of adoption, changing the life of another being.

This is just one more step of letting her explore her interests, take advantage of a great opportunity to give back and learn at the same time, and let her grow as a person.


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3 Responses to In Our Homeschool: Dog Grooming

  1. Joan says:

    Oh, that’s AWESOME… my daughter is in the same boat, but a little younger still (she’s not quite 13). Her career aspiration is to be a groomer, so if we could find something like this, WHOA, how awesome. This is what I love about homeschooling too – the flexibility and freedom to pursue passions!

  2. jamie lee says:

    great story, i self learned dog grooming and i now groom my 2 lovely dogs by myself and i really enjoy it. i have also set up a dog grooming site with articles and tips if anyone is interested .

  3. Candace Corriveau says:

    Hello there I was wondering if I would be able to get some kinda info on how I can start my own company on doing dog grooming.

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