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In Our Homeschool This Week

For the rest of the kids in our county, last Monday was the first day of school. So on Sunday night, Greg, who has an hour commute when school is in session, announced to Z that Monday was the first …

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The Flexi Clip: Ingenious, Stylish, Beautiful

Review by Kate Stoltz I first saw the Flexi Clip on the Lilla Rose website. The website introduced it to me in video format and I have to say they did a really good job explaining everything.  It was clean and …

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Yummy Tomato Red Lentil Soup Recipe

J and I love tomato basil bisque, but it’s not very filling.  So when I ran across a Tomato Red Lentil soup I got excited – maybe there was a way to have that yummy tomato basil bisque flavor and …

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