If You are Mom and Want to Laugh, Visit The Fields

Hanging with other moms that I relate to helps give me sanity. And there is one mom in particular that I have to tell you about – Lisa Fields.

Oh Lisa makes me laugh.

I met her years ago, when little E was just a baby, at a homeschool park day. Then I was working full-time, albeit from home but was chained to my computer and phone for long hours each and every day. For sanity, I’d periodically take a long lunch  and head over to the park day in the next town over to hang out with the homeschoolers and just take some time with other moms. One of which was Lisa, then with 3 kids.

Life happens. Over the years and circumstances, their family has grown. They no longer homeschool, but oh the adventures they can tell…

And do.

You can meet Lisa’s brood here. Cuz thankfully, Lisa now has a blog – OnlyTheFields.com – where she shares her perspective on her family’s crazy adventures.


If I need a pick-me-up, I head over to her blog and read their latest adventures.

Lisa  is about as real as you can get. She doesn’t have it all together, and doesn’t even pretend to. She’s a mom who loves her kids, her family, beyond measure and it shows!

And she’s not afraid to share some of the crazy stuff that happens in her household – like her daughters’ dressing up their younger brother, or the can of soda that went into the microwave, or … well, just go check out her blog and you’ll see for yourself.

But be prepared to laugh and shake your head, and be inspired.



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One Response to If You are Mom and Want to Laugh, Visit The Fields

  1. Lisa says:

    Aww, you are so sweet! I may have cried a little. Maybe. ;)

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