Choosing the Homeschooling, Work-at-Home Lifestyle

A dear person in Greg and I’s life is struggling right now with parenting and her role, and reconciling her situation to what she dreamed of, and Greg pointed out to me how fortunate we were.

I look at him puzzled, not quite understanding his point, and he clarified:

“Our lifestyle make is it easier for us.”

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard him say that, because we’ve certainly had our challenges, and it hasn’t been necessary easy.  But by making that firm commitment that we were going to make sure that one of us was home with the kids, raising the kids, no matter what it took, we have made life easier for ourselves.

Not everyone has that choice, nor will make that choice. And quite frankly, some families should not make that choice (I’m sorry but when a child feels safer at school than in their own home…. okay that’s a side rant…)

Back on topic… We chose to make sure there’s a parent at home with our kids, to raise them. It is a commitment that we take very seriously. It’s an investment we have made – of time, energy, and resources.

Because of that commitment, that investment, we’ve been able to pour time and coaching into the kids. We can make course corrections in our homeschooling, in our parenting at will and immediately.

With homeschooling, we choose to customize the kids’ education – both academic and life – to fit who they are and encourage them and grow them to be the best at who they are and who they are designed to be.

That is important, each child is a gift and has something amazing to offer this world.

Because financially we aren’t in a position yet to live on one income, we’ve invested heavily in our own skill sets so that we have the skills and knowledge, and mindsets, for one of us to work from home.

And we actively try to find that balance between living frugally  and working, so that not only our financial needs are met, but our family’s emotional and physical needs are met.

There have been times where I’ve worked 5-20 hours a week while Greg was off working full-time plus, times where I’ve worked 60+ hours a week while Greg worked from home 5-10 hours a week. and there’s been times where we both were working full-time and  times where we we were both working part-time.

But as long as we’ve kept our eye on what we hold true, the opportunities have presented themselves.

We’ve had to make some difficult choices, face some difficult times financially. That is normal, for everyone. But God has always seen us through and provided for our needs.

And we’ve stayed rooted in our commitment as parents and homeschoolers. It’s not something we take lightly.  We truly believe that it’s an investment that will pay off hugely – not financially but in a more important way – in the people we have been charged with raising.

And yes, Greg is right, because of our chosen lifestyle, some things – important things – are much easier. And I’m thankful for that too – but even more so that he’s come to realize that too.



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