An Inspirational Story: Battling Cancer While Homeschooling

You’d think that those free radicals that mutate cells and cause cancer would know that homeschool moms are too busy to deal with cancer. But no.  Unfortunately that’s not even close to true.

In fact, every year in the last five years, there’s been at least one member of our local homeschool group battling cancer of some type.  We’ve mourned the loss of one of our members, and prayed over others. Just recently a dear working, homeschool mom of 4 who’s been battling breast cancer was pronounced clear. Yes!

Karri Fieglein of It's A Blessed Cancer LifeBut unfortunately, another member of our group is battling breast cancer. This time, I ask you to pray with us, as it’s Living Life at Home contributor, Karri Fieglein.

Karri is an amazing mom to 6 kids, ages 14 to 2, and an awesome resource in the homeschool community. But even more, she has perseverance and heart that I so respect.

Right around Christmas 2011, Karri was told she had cancer. On January 3, 2012, she was told that it’s stage 3A. Since then Karri has been pouring into research and information about cancer, juggling being a mom, homeschooler, and patient.

On Monday, March 26, she begins her 11th chemo treatment.  But in all of this, Karri has been blogging and sharing information she’s learning, things she wished she had known at the beginning, or even before, this journey…And she and a friend are starting up a new University Model School that will open in the Fall. Really.

Karri doesn’t let life stop her, and is claiming the future.  Up to now, I’ve not shared Karri’s blog or story with you out of respect for her family’s privacy, as it started out as a care calendar blog.  But Karri has ported it over to Blogger, and has given me permission to share it with you.  And she is asking for the information she’s sharing to be shared with others “who have cancer on their plate.”

I love Karri’s outlook.  And you can see it just in her blog title  “It’s a Blessed Cancer Life”.

Please join us in praying for Karri and her family, and her support team, and please visit her blog and share your support.   If you know someone who can benefit from what Karri is sharing, please feel free to share Karri’s blog with them.


Karri Fieglein - It's a Blessed Cancer Life


Karri Fieglein’s posts here on Living Life at Home:

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2 Responses to An Inspirational Story: Battling Cancer While Homeschooling

  1. What a brave woman, and what a brave statement, “It’s a Blessed Cancer Life”! Truly, blessings can be found in the most hidden of places, and one of which is in Karri’s cancer. I pray for her, and may she be even more blessed as she continues to inspire other people.

  2. JP says:

    Don’t know where to start… We are awaiting the breast biopsy results… I can’t sleep; I sometimes roll over thinking of initiating intimacy and then feel guilty and selfish when I remember what she has gone through and what she may be thinking about her health.. I feel so horrible about that… Anyway, though my wife has been incredibly diligent somehow she has multiplied that by 10 and she is now, more that ever, plastered at the end of the day… I don’t know where to start. I listen well but sometimes fall into trying to give answers; that doesn’t work so I keep away from the temptation… When I try to take over some of the chores she thinks I am making a judgment of her management of the home. I have to make it something absolutely special that I am doing any chores to clear her of thinking that way…
    We have five children 16-8 years old. The 16 yr old took pre-SAT’s and since her results have been getting invitation letters to Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, UPenn, Williams College, etc. So my wife has done well with the children… She is really amazing…
    I do think I have had some bouts of depression over what is going on but could not really identify that is was in fact depression. Well I am saying all this to simply ask for prayer. We are outside the US as a missionary church planting team and a cancer diagnosis would send us another time into the arms of Jesus to ask, “what now, Lord?”
    I better get two hours of sleep; she will be on me about being cranky from not sleeping…

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