Learning Styles & How Our children Learn

Recently, for our homeschool group’s Newbie Night, I taught a class on Learning Styles and How Our Children Learn – and recorded it.   If you’d like a copy of the recording (Mp3) and my notes – all for free – just enter your email address in the box below, and I’ll get it to you.

The recording includes my main session but not the Q&A discussion (for privacy reasons). Over all it covers:

- What is Education?

- Should we focus on education or learning?

- What is our Role as Homeschooling Parents?

- Why we care about Learning Styles?

- What other things, besides learning styles, impact how our children learn.

- The various learning style theories, including the VAK model, the Griswold model, the Gregorc model, Myers-Briggs, Multiple Intelligence theory, and Cathy Duffy’s model

- How to adapt your curriculum and teaching style to how your child learns, and

- The four keys to adapting to how your child learns.

In all, The recording is over an hour long (1hr 23 min to be exact). It’s in mp3 format so you can download it to your computer, smart phone, or iPod and listen to it at your convenience.

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