How the Imagination Movers’ Big Warehouse Tour Made Our Week

Exciting News!  Little E and I get to head out to the Imagination Movers’ concert this weekend! We’re so excited!

E and I have been fans of the Imagination Movers since their music videos first premiered on Playhouse Disney and on “unschooling” days we’ll often watch their television show on Playhouse Disney. imagination-movers-tour

When the Imagination Movers’ Big Warehouse Tour was first announced, Little E asked if she could go, but it’s just not something we normally would do, for multiple reasons.

But I did look into it, because I knew it would be a fun special thing for Little E and I to do together.

But unfortunately, the tour dates for Houston conflicted with one of K’s activities and with a rare visit from my dad (who lives on the west coast.)

But at the last minute, K’s activity was cancelled and Dad’s trip was postponed.  BUT… just a few hours after I told the kids that their Grandad wasn’t coming this weekend, a last minute opportunity to go to the Imagination Mover’s concert arose. Very cool!

Surprised that I even like the Imagination Movers, K asked me why. After all, she’s a teenager, and she doesn’t get why a mom would like a kids show with four guys dressed up in jumpsuit dancing around and signing.

Well… the answer is quite simple.

Because… they reinforce messages and values that I want my kids to learn -and it doesn’t hurt to have the same messages reinforced in my own brain.

Just take a look at their motto:

” Reach High, Think Big, Word Hard, Have Fun”

What mom doesn’t want her kids to have that message reinforced? 

If my kids learn that motto and take that into their adult life, it’ll be a good thing.

Besides the Imagination Mover’s music is fun, high-energy, and catchy – and that helps drive home the message too, especially in kids that love music, like Little E and Z.

I love the fact that the Imagination Movers reinforce problem solving and that encourage big ideas, and lots of them. There are too many other things out there that will steal our kids dreams, they need the messages that their dreams are worthy, that their ideas are good, and that they can accomplish what they set out to do.

If you are new to the Imagination Movers, here’s a couple video clips. The first is their theme song – sung with every episode. You can’t beat the message:

“We had a problem, but we figured it out…”

And then here’s a clip of their Brainstorming song. What a powerful message to learn, and reinforce.

Anyway, The Imagination Movers’ Big Warehouse Tour is going to be here in Houston, February 11th and 12th at

Verizon Wireless Theater
520 Texas Avenue
Houston , TX 77002

The complete Imagination Movers’ tour schedule can be found on at  The Big Warehouse Tour runs from February 2011 to May 2011, hitting most major and mid-sized cities in the U.S.

If you have the ability to expose your children to the Imagination Movers -either through their music, the television show on Playhouse Disney, or even to make one of the concert dates, I recommend doing so.



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