CurrClick’s New Zealand EarthQuake Relief Efforts

On February 21st, the ChristChurch area of New Zealand was hit with an earthquake that rated 6.3 on the Ritchter scale, which causes all kinds of devestation. 

My readers in New Zealand have been part of my prayers and thoughts since Tuesday.  Having been through an earthquake nearly that powerful (I was in Southern California for the 1990 5.7 earthquake), I know it can be a scary thing, especially for kids.

CurrClick, who also serves a large number of homeschoolers from New Zealand, has put together two options to help out the Red Cross in New Zealand.

Note: The CurrClick donation opportunity has expired. To further help out in New Zealand, visit the New Zealand Red Cross site for updates and more information on how you can help out.


The first is a simple $5 donation, which you make here. (opens in a new window) or by clicking the image below:


The second option is a special $20 package of over $250 worth of downloadable homeschool curriculum, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Red Cross efforts in New Zealand

This package includes:

  • Apologia/Jeannie Fulbright Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day lapbook ($25 value)
  • Read Hebrew Today The Bless Israel Series~ Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem!
  • A Celebration of Christian Character
  • Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
  • Bite-Size Physics (a $35 value!)
  • Books of the Bible Primary Lapbook
  • Children’s Copywork
  • Color and Shape Matchit Card Game
  • Copying the Hymns: All Things Bright and Beautiful – ZB 1-A
  • Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy
  • Dan’s Doodles III
  • Field Trip Notebooking Pages
  • FUNtastic Folders! “B” is for Boats
  •  I Can Learn Colors & Shapes (Game and Activity Pack)
  • Insect Notebooking Pages
  • Learning About Bugs
  • Learning Every Hour
  • Math Mammoth Division 1
  • My Favorite Horse – A Preference Project
  • New Zealand Flags and Symbols Lapbook
  • Online Simply Music Lessons “LIVE CLASS” Piano Camp/Level 1 Intro ( a $55 value!)
  • Organization and the Homeschool
  •  St Patrick’s Day Unit & Crafts
  • The San of Africa
  • Ultimate Mom’s Meal Planner

Definitely something for most of us in here. I’m going to grab a copy specifically for the Apologia lapbook and a couple items that will help with our geography study.

This is a great way to get budget-friendly resources for your homeschool and help out in New Zealand as well. 

To make your donation for the New Zealand Red Cross by purchasing this CurrClick bundle click the link or the image below. Again CurrClick is donating 100% of the proceeds to the New Zealand Red Cross.

New Zealand Earthquake Relief Bundle from CurrClick 

(opens in a new window)




P.S. You may notice that the links include my affiliate tags for CurrClick, but please know that I will  not and am not profiting from this. 100% of the proceeds go to the New Zealand Red Cross.  

I’m only using the affiliate tag as a way to track how much Living Life at Home readers raise for earthquake relief in New Zealand.

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