Create a Homeschool Schedule that Fits You

I’ve mentioned in the Living Life at Home newsletter that I was the one that had the biggest adjustment to returning to schoolwork after the long holiday break – and the reason why was because I changed our homeschool schedule -again.

Our homeschol schedule changes from season to season, not just calendar seasons, but seasons of life, seasons of development, and seasons of work. And I adjust it accordingly. 

For example, homeschooling  K 10 years ago, as a preschooler, when I only had one other child, was totally different than homeschooling her and J, with a toddler and a baby underfoot (not to mention a full-time at-home job).

And then there was  big adjustment when Little E was ready for formal schoolwork, and learning how to balance the needs of all four of them.

The important thing is to remember that it is okay to create a homeschool schedule that fits you and your family, for where you are at right now, and for the demands that this season of life is putting on you.

When K was in Kindergarden and 1st grade, she and I homeschooled the 3Rs at night, when I was done working. During the day, she unschooled, video schooled, car schooled, audio book schooled, whatever you want to call it… She  explored her own interests under her dad’s supervision.

Last year, after three years of taking Latin classes from our local homeschool coop, and earning her first full high school credit at age 12, she asked for a break from serious academics. So that’s what we did, and she worked on things she was interested in, and recharged herself.

In December, I realized that we had drifted a little too far over to the “homeschooling in a silo” side of things, (i.e., they were all doing their own schoolwork without much interaction with each other), and I wanted to bring them back together for some studies. 

So I revamped the schedule.  The 3Rs are of course all done separately, but we’re doing geology and geography together, and they are having fun with it. 

It’s more work for me, but there are bigger lessons being learned than just the academics, and the relationship building and memory making that is happening is worth the extra time it requires of me.

The point is – It’s okay to mix things up. It’s okay to change the schedule to meet your current goals and needs. And it’s okay to ditch a schedule that just isn’t working and adapt it to something that will work.

Homeschooling is not about mimicing what the public schools do. It’s about tailoring your child’s education to their needs, and your lifestyle.  And when you take that stress of following someone else’s homeschool schedule out, and adapt it to your situation – everything becomes a lot more enjoyable. :)

Food for thought.


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