Are You Taking Care of Your Heart?

Heart Disease – Heart healthy – you may hear these terms and think of them for others, maybe even your husband. I know I do. But do you ever stop and think about how they relate to you?

Are you taking care of your heart?

NHLBI_BarChart_ColorFebruary is American Heart Month, and that relates to us women as well, especially those of us who tend to put aside our own health needs while we are taking care of our families and our work.

 Heart Disease is the biggest cause of death in women in the United States – bigger than even breast cancer.

I’ve written before on the importance of taking care of you, and how not taking care of my own health while balancing work and family has caused problems. But are you taking it to heart? :)

In Dec of 2008, a dear friend, a fellow homeschooling, work-at-home mom, had a heart attack. Ever since, she’s struggled to regain her health and her life.

She’s spent more time in hospitals than at home, her young daughter (who is a year old than Little E) has stopped homeschooling and is going to a public charter school and she’s been bounced around between home, friends, and family while her mom works hard at becoming healthy again.

Heart disease in women is very real. Are you taking care of your heart?  What would happen to your family if you had a heart attack?  Sometimes waiting to take care of your heart until you are in my friend’s condition is just too late.

This month, I encourage you to take some time and evaluate your own heart health. I’ll be sharing some free heart-healthy cookbooks throughout the month.  But to get you started, here’s two free resources to learn more about heart disease in Women and help you evaluate your risks.

heart-factsheet-actionplan-1The Heart Truth for Women: An Action Plan – a 4 page e-pamphlet from the National Institute of Health that covers:

  • What is Heart Disease
  • What factors increase your risk of heart disease 
  • What steps you can take to prevent heart disease
  • Additional resources for overcoming the risk factors

 heart-healthy-handbook-for-women-1The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women – a 127 page ebook from the National Institute for Health that covers:

  • What is Heart Disease
  • How Heart Disease impacts Women specifically
  • What Are the Risks of Heart Disease
  • How other factors, like birth control pills and menopausal hormone therapy, impacts your heart health
  • How to evaluate your own risk for heart disease
  • How to prevent heart disease
  • How to get help if you think you concerned about your heart

Please remember, it’s not selfish to take care of you. Doing so helps your family in the long run.

Because I care about you…



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