An International Adoption Story to Follow

I’d like to invite you to follow along on a wonderful international adoption story. Adoption has a special place in my heart, for seveal reasons, but this adoption story is special because it came from a dream that God put in the heart of one of my daughter’s friends – Emma.

Emma is a sweet girl, with a big heart, and because of her dream and persistence with that dream, this month, God willing, her family will be adopting a new brother or sister for Emma and her sister from the Ukraine.
Emma's Dream Comes True: Our Ukranian Adoption Adventure

Yes, this month my friend Courtney, her husband Cliff, and their daughters  are in the Ukraine on the next step in their international adoption journey. 

I have been so lucky to have this amazing family part of my life for the last four years, and I know that they are going to be enriched beyond measure through this adoption.

Courtney is chronicling their international adoption story and sharing bits of their experience in the Ukraine and the process of adopting internationally. She’s a beautiful writer and their story is captivating. 

I invite you to head over to her blog “Emma’s Dream Come True: Our Ukrainian Adoption Adventure” to follow along on their journey. 

And, if you are up for it, please join me in praying for them as they find and meet their new son or daughter, navigate the paperwork and approval process, and bring their new child home.


P.S. If you are considering adopting internationally, be sure to read through the archives on Courtney’s blog. She’s done a fabulous job of sharing the steps they have gone through, the milestones and the trials. It will give you a very real example of what it’s like to adopt internationally.

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