Goal Setting – Know Your Why

Earlier this month I shared why I don’t set New Years Resolutions, and how valuable it can be to look back over the previous year during the goal setting process. Today I’d like to encourage you to take a look at your goals for this year and ask yourself two questions:

- Why? 


-What will happen if I don’t accomplish this goal?

Last year, my private goal  – the one I accomplished – was centered around my relationship with my husband and my relationship with my kids. I needed to strengthen my family relationships.

If I didn’t, my family would suffer. My marriage would crumble, and that was unacceptable to me.

My kids, specificially Z, J, and K are getting older, they aren’t little kids anymore. And I needed to strengthen our relationship as we move into the older tween and teen years. I was unwilling to risk “losing” my children because they had moved on, but our relationship hadn’t.

That was my why. That is why my other three big goals did not get accomplished, because the “why” I had for them was not as large and as important to me as this one goal’s “why”.

So, when you look at your goals for this year, for this month, or even this day, ask your self “Why” and “What will happen if I don’t accomplish this goal?”

Write down in positive terms how your life will be different when you accomplish your goal. Hold it in your mind. Re-read it periodically.  Filter your decisions through it.

Whatever you focus on, grows. So focus on the positive,  focus on what you can accomplish, and do it.

I believe in you.


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