A Promise Fulfilled: J’s New Drum Set

Music education is a requirement at our house. Greg and I just had one year’s worth of musical instruction each and can barely pick out a few songs. But it is one of our regrets. We wish we had stayed with it longer. And so, we have required each of our kids to pick and learn a musical instrument, and stay with it for 2 years worth of lessons.

K played the violin for almost 3 years, and has translated that to now playing at the keyboard just for fun (and she’s much better than I!). Z and Little E each chose the guitar and are awaiting their turn for lessons, but for now enjoy making up songs on their own. (Can you guess what color Little E’s guitar is?…yep, pink!)

But J has had to wait the longest for his instrument. A few years ago, he decided on drums. Now he has a good ear, and can pick out some pretty stuff on the piano and on the guitar, but drums is what he wanted.

Well, drum sets, and drum lessons aren’t cheap. (Neither is a violin, but we rented that.) We told J that he would get his drums, but he had to wait until we could afford to pay cash or them.  And he waited, and waited, and waited… for 2 long years he has waited.

Well, this Christmas, guess what was under the tree for him?  (well, actually it was next to the tree, because those boxes were big and heavy!)

My boy has his drum set now and he’s LOVING it! 

J jamming with a friend on his new drum set

J jamming with a friend on his new drum set

He gets to play freestyle whenever he wants, as long as he gets his chores and schoolwork done. and he “has” to end his school day with 30 minutes of drum lessons and practice. His favorite part of the school day. :)

It was a lesson in Patience for J. But now he’s got his wish, and I’m getting a huge lesson in drumming, and am loving hearing my boy explore his musical side. Don’t you love it when you can make something happen for your kids?

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2 Responses to A Promise Fulfilled: J’s New Drum Set

  1. AprilS says:

    Good for you ensuring your children learn an instrument! I grew up playing piano and have recently been shocked by the fact that I’m drawn to it again. Thankfully, I still have my childhood piano so I can let loose when I want.
    Funny story, I used to compete so I would have to play the same song over and over to perfect it and memorize the piece. I just recently found out my parents wrote funny lyrics to many of my competition songs and would sing while I practiced. I can play one of those songs now and they’ll start singing. I can’t believe I never knew, but find it hilarious now!

  2. Shannon says:

    April – love that story! Very creative of your parents to find a way to enjoy the songs you’d play over and over again.

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