Tips & Tricks of a Busy, Better Organized Mom (Free Transcript)

Back in August, I got to interview Jennifer Tankersley, a busy at-home mom of 3, and the founder of, on how we can be better organized as busy moms.  Well, if you missed the interview or have been waiting for the transcript – Good news! 

BetterOrganizedMom-cover-smThe transcript of that interview is now available for download. And it is Free! 

Yep, Jennifer was kind enough to have the podcast transcribed for us and put into a great little report. Well, not so little – it’s 35 pages with all the tips and tricks that Jen and I discussed. 

You’ll read:

  • How she turned her natural talents as a planner into an online business
  • Ideas on how to plan your time and manage multiple schedules and priorities
  • How you can to save time and energy with menu planning and shopping lists
  • An idea for budgetting on a 26 week schedule
  • How to overcoming the guilt and anxiety of not having a perfectly “clean” house
  • Goal setting and defining success as an work-at-home mom
  • Ideas on how to manage your plans and lists, and keep it all organized

Jennifer gave us a great glimpse into how she manages life as a busy work-at-home mom with three kids in school, and I shared a few tips on how I manage life, business, and the household as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom.

So, if you haven’t already, be sure download your copy now.

Choose from:

Better Organized Mom Transcript -  no audio (pdf – 876k)

Better Organized Mom Transcript & embedded audio (pdf – 42MB)



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