This Year’s Homemade Halloween Costumes

Well I tried to get out of Halloween again this year, but it didn’t work.  Awana’s had a trunk or treak, Girls Scouts went to a Fall Festival, and dear husband agreed to take the kids trick or treating. So, I had to pull my head out of the sand.

But my sewing machine is broken, so this year I was not going to be able to sew any costumes, and I surely wasn’t buying any costumes. So I told the kids they had to make due with what we had. And once again, they surprise me.

Here’s a glimpse of what they came up with:
Z recycled a Ninja costume that he wore last year and J wore three years ago. All he needed was some minor seam repairs, which K handled beautifully. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of him this year, not sure how that happened. Maybe my head was in the sand…

Anyway, Little E also recycled a costume, the one I made for her last year.  This actually was a pattern and fabric that K picked out ten years ago, and it had sat in my “to do” sewing pile forever. Last year K and I made it up for Little E, intentionally making it big so it could last a few years. And it ended up being what Little E wore again. Doesn’t she make a sweet Cinderella?

But it was J and K who surprised me most.  I took video of this, but forgot and had it on the side, so it didn’t turn out as I wanted.  To get the full picture of this, understand that J is very expressive and animated, what he is feeling through any emotion comes across clearly. But he has this wonderful infectious laugh, and can do these crazy expressions that just make you laugh. So he used that to his advantage, and was a “nut job”, acting out an over the top wicked laugh.


But it was K who took the cake for acting out a costume. She bought her self this ball and chain, did up her make up, and acted out this whole scene dragging the ball and chain around. If you asked her what she was, she said “I’m a shackled teenager. I’ve been chained up in my room for the last 8 years and haven’t seen the light of day.”  It was hysterical, and so proves that she is indeed an actress, even if she denies it.  Again, I messed up the video, so I’m afraid we’ll have to suffice with this picture.



Now that Halloween is over and we are well endowed with sugar (thank goodness it freezes!), it’s time to start concentrating on our holiday plans: Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, a Fall Road Trip, and of course Thanksgiving and Christmas await!

(oh, and work and school… but the other stuff is more fun!)

Happy November Everyone!

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  1. Loretta says:

    Shackled teenager cracks me up ~ love it! We didn’t go trick or treating this year and I was totally bummed out about it, there just wasn’t anything around here worth the effort. :(

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