Holiday Planning: Festivities

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The images that are associated in my mind with the holidays are often serious and sacred.  However, so much of Christmas is meant to be fun.  Not that you shouldn’t have both, but making the most of the light-hearted festivities that are available and creating some of your own will offer you some of your most memorable experiences.  Here are some ways you can plan for fun.



 The holidays are a happening time of year.  There are special theatrical performances, seasonal activities, and family and community gatherings.  Take it in.  Experience the holidays.  One of the rewards for planning ahead is the opportunity to relax a little and enjoy the celebration. 


Whether it is a brunch, an afternoon tea, a cookie exchange, or an evening gala, many people will find themselves host to some type of holiday event.  Guest lists must be made, invitations sent, menus created, activities scheduled, and a myriad of other details must be confirmed.  This is the week to lay it all out on paper and begin to take action.

Holiday Rituals

Turn holiday rituals into unforgettable experiences.  Don’t just pick out a tree.  Bring along hot chocolate.  Take a tour of local Christmas lights.  Go caroling.  Plan ways to add a little extra family togetherness and fun this holiday season. 
Jennifer Tankersley is the creator of which has hundreds of printable lists, checklists, and planning pages to put your world-and your holidays-in order. She also writes, which gives a daily dose of inspiration and motivation to get you through the busy holiday season.

For More Organizing and Planning Tips for Busy Moms, also check out the Living Life at Home Podcast Interview with Jennifer Tanksersley.

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