Fall Road Trip: Where are we going?

So, I realized last week that I announced it’s time for a family road trip, I forgot to tell you where we are going – sorry!

Well, I guess I did tell you we are going to visit my mom in Oregon, and that’s how planning for this trip started. But in the process of trying to figure out how to get there, whether to fly or to drive, we discovered that my husband actually did have enough vacation time for us to take a road trip – and we can afford a road trip, while flying was outside of our budget. So, the trip took on another dimension.

The Route for the Fall Road Trip

The Route for the Fall Road Trip

Now, we are going to Oregon for four days, but on the way there we’ll be taking a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

And on the way back, we’ll stopping in one day in the Humboldt County, California (where I grew up), and then we’ll also be stopping off in Denver to visit my brother and sister-in-law.

In all, it will be over 5500 miles in less than 16 days, driving through eight states.

From a homeschool perspective, the built-in educational aspects are huge. It’s like a giant field trip. Just thinking about the biomes we’ll be goin through, wow. We’ll be visiting deserts, mountains, beaches, temperate rainforests (Redwood forest), marshlands, and that’s just from the top of my head. 

I won’t even get into all the literature, math, science and hstiory we’ll be immersed in on this trip. You should see the pile of audio books the kids have picked out to listen to. It’s huge!

It’s one giant adventure, and I hope you’ll come along. Not only will I be posting periodic updates here on Living Life at Home, but I have also moved my old Travels with Kids blog over to Wordpress and resurrected it at FunFamilyRoadTrips.com, so that our family and friends (that includes you :) ) can follow along the journey.

So come along with us – heck if you are homeschooling feel free to get your kids involved and follow along and make it fun part of your homeschooling too  :)

Planning and prep is in full swing now. The actual adventure begins in one week!

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