Custom Travel Activity Books for the Fall Road Trip

While there’s a lot of travel activity books out there that we could have purchased for the kids to work on during our fall road trip, I asked K to create custom activity books for the kids.


Because I wanted to reinforce specific skills and not bring a whole library with us.  And because I wanted a solid set of activities that fit their abilities and interests.

So last week, K set out into cyberspace, as part of her schoolwork (think technology and research skills), to hunt down worksheets, coloring pages, and other activities that would appeal to each of her siblings and herself. And put them together into custom trvel activity books.

She used 3 prong folders, color coded to each child, and filled them with similar activities, but customized for each child’s interests and abilities.  Here’s quick video she did (also part of her schoolwork), sharing with you the fruit of her labor.

But just in case you can’t watch the video, here’s a few pictures of the activity books she created:


She put maps of the United States on the outside and one on the inside so that they can color the states we drive through, as we drive through them. And so it is easier for the kids to visually where we are in our journey.

Inside, there’s age appropriate mazes. You should see the mazes she found for her and J. They are very cool and very complex. I’d like to give them a try.


And then at my request there’s a little math work in here. Can’t let that go too long. So she add math facts worksheets and Sudoku pages in each book, just enough to have one per day.

Fall-Road-Trip_107_0979_300x169 Fall-Road-Trip_107_0978_300x169

And then of course she added some dot-to-dot and coloring pages, keeping them customized to each person’s interests. So Z’s book has a lot of military items, while Little E has more than a few princesses! J’s has knights and medieval theme, while K found some mandalas for her to color.

Fall-Road-Trip_107_0981_300x169 Fall-Road-Trip_107_0977_300x169

And when she was done, we hid the activity books in my desk, so that the others didn’t know about them and couldn’t flip through them until it was time to pack up the trip activity backpacks.

Once the kids packed up their activity backpacks, K and I revealed their surprise. Lots of ooos and ahhhs as they flipped through, looking at all the things she had picked out for them to do on the road trip. Z even started tracing out one maze before we got them packed away. :)


So now the kids have plenty of variety to keep them company on the trip, something new to discover in their own backpacks, and K got more than a few schoolwork hours in putting together the travel activity books for everyone.

And she discovered that she really likes doing this type of work – bonus!

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3 Responses to Custom Travel Activity Books for the Fall Road Trip

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  2. Rhonda says:

    I LOVE this! Thank you K for all your work and S for thinking of and reporting it. I have great ideas for our next trips, short and long. D is going to love hers if I can get a good mix. And I love that she won’t be watching dvds the entire time. I’ll be crocheting, no reading or writing for my dizzy head.

  3. Lisa says:

    I love how K took the time to do a caring, personalized book for each child. Keeping their interests in mind and preparing them in a nice little package for each child just shows how much care your family must have for each other.

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