Living Gluten Free: What is Gluten Intolerance & Celiac Disease

A few years ago, I was introduced to the Gluten Free world through a friend whose daughter was diagnosed as gluten intolerant, and followed along as they made the transition as a family to being completely gluten free.

Since then, my mom has been diagnosed as gluten intolerant, and my circle of friends and acquaintances with gluten free families or children seems to have grown.

Mary Blackburn from

Mary Blackburn from

So in today’s podcast, I am excited to pick the brain of Mary Blackburn, from on what it means to be gluten free, and specifically be gluten free with kids.

Mary was diagnosised with Celiac Disease in 1987 when she was a young mother of 2, and has been living Gluten Free ever since. 

Her website  is dedicated to helping those who are new to Gluten Free living find the information and encouragement they need to be successful in the gluten free lifestyle.

Mary is also  the author of Gluten Free Get Togethers, an e-cookbook full of the tried and true gluten free recipes she’s compiled over 20+ years of gluten free living.

Mary is an incredibly knowledgable and generous person. During our entire interview we experienced all kinds of technical problems and she was so gracious and wonderful about it. It’s always a privilege to share with you someone who really knows their topic, but also is just a great person as well. And that’s Mary.

Through this interview, she has given us basically a beginner’s guide to living gluten free.  We covered:

  • What it means to be “Gluten Free”
  • What Gluten is, and what foods it is found in
  • What the difference is between being gluten intolerant and having Celiac Disease
  • The symptoms and indicators of gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease
  • What you should do if you suspect you or your child is gluten intolerant (and what you shouldn’t do!)
  • What grains are gluten free and what you can eat on a gluten free diet
  • The foods you wouldn’t think of that have gluten hidden in them
  • How to read labels to ensure the foods you are buying are gluten free
  • How to eat out when you are gluten free and ensure that you won’t get sick. 
  • Her little trick that helps restrauant staff understand what is safe and what is not.
  • When to get screening for Celiac Disease, and who in your family should be tested.
  • What misinformation is out there about Gluten Free Living
  • How to help family members and friends understand what is safe and what is not on a gluten free diet
  • And so much more

I learned so much from Mary in this conversation, and I’ve been researching this for a couple years now. If you know anyone who is gluten free, or if you or your child is gluten free, I encourage you take the time to listen in to this interview, and share it with others who need to understand what is okay and what isn’t on a gluten free diet.

To listen in, simply click the play button below. To download the recording to your computer, right click on download link below and choose ‘Save Target As’.



P.S.  After talking to Mary, and learning that 1 in 133 people are gluten intolerant, I totally understand why it’s so important to build awareness for a gluten free lifestyle. Please, please, share this podcast and help build awareness for our friends and families who live with this disease every day.

P.S.S. Prefer to read?  Good news! A transcript is available. Click here to get your FREE copy of the transcript: Gluten Free Living: A Beginner’s Guide to Gluten Free Living.

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