The Power of Sharing Your Story

In this week’s podcast, my guest Janna Antenorcruz and I discuss the power of sharing your story and how it can impact  those around you.

Telling stories is an age old way of instilling lessons, communicating history and legacy, and connecting generations. But often we think only those stories that are published are worth sharing.

Where in reality, one of the most treasured gifts you can give is that of your story, the stories from your youth and the stories from your heart, the things have touched you and left their mark on you.

Inspired by her grandmother’s stories of growing up, my guest, Janna Antenorcruz, created  Mommy’s Piggy Tales, a wonderful, free project where mothers can have friendly accountability and encouragement to record the memories of their youth in just 12 weeks.

Within a just a few minutes of meeting Janna, I knew I had to share her and her project with you.  She has enthusiasm and a perpsective that I think you’ll enjoy and will touch your heart. 

Join us as Janna  and I discuss how the gift of stories we have recieved from others has impacted our lives, and share how powerful the exercise of writing down your own stories can be in your life and in others. 

To listen in, simply click the play button below. To download the recording to your computer, right click on download link below and choose ‘Save Target As’.



P.S. To learn more about  about Janna’s free Record Your Youth project, visit  To learn more about the story prompts and  hard bound book options we dicussed, visit Janna’s link to CherishBound .

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Share with Me: Someone Needs to Hear Your StoryUpdate: Be sure to check out Janna’s ebook: Share with Me: Someone NEEDS to Hear Your Story for more inspiration to share the stories of your life.


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2 Responses to The Power of Sharing Your Story

  1. Ginny Marie says:

    I loved listening to this podcast…so many great stories that you two shared in such a short time! I can really relate to Shannon’s story about her grandparents. My grandfather died when my dad was just 3 years old, and his mother was so devastated that she couldn’t bear to talk about him. My dad doesn’t know much about his father, and it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to find more about him from my aunts.

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