The Power of Intentional Parenting & Why Creating Memories is so Important (Podcast)

Tom Rector with 4 of his grandchildren

Tom Rector with 4 of his grandchildren

In honor of Father’s Day I have another special dad to share with you on the Living Life at Home podcast. 

Today our guest is a businessman, a parenting educator, and the creator of the BioSocial Cognition Model, Thomas C. Rector.

He and his wife Shelly are the parents of 5 children, ages 38 to 14, and have six grandchildren. After nearly 39 years of parenting, they have developed a unique view point on raising children, education, and what it means to be a parent.

Formally opposed to homeschooling, they came to realize its advantages (and disadvantages) and on two separate occasions have opted to homeschool their children.  Both times, working while homeschooling.

What makes this podcast really special to me is that Tom also happens to be my dad.

So I invite you to meet Tom and  listen in while we discuss:

  • How his perspective on parenting has changed over the last 38 years
  • Why he believes parenting is the most important responsibility we have
  • His take on intentional parenting and why creating memories is so important, and
  • Where homeschooling fits (or doesn’t fit) into the education of our children
Intentionally creating memories with the grandkids

Intentionally creating memories with the grandkids

As a parent, a former foster parent, an adoptive parent, a Court-Appointed Child Advocate, and an employer, Tom Rector has developed a new methodology for interpreting human behavior and developing human potential – the BioSocial Cognition Model.  So he also shares with us, what that is, and what it means for us as parents.

We got into stories I have never heard before, and discussed topics that he and I had never discussed before. I invite you to listen in to meet the most influential parenting mentor of my life, and gain another point of view on this journey we call parenting.

To listen in, simply click the play button below. To download the recording to your computer, right click on download link below and choose ‘Save Target As’.



P.S. To request more information about BioSocial Cognition, visit

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3 Responses to The Power of Intentional Parenting & Why Creating Memories is so Important (Podcast)

  1. Mandy says:

    Well, interviewing your dad, now that’s cool.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Savvy Blogging Summit.

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  3. Jinhan says:

    These are some great tips on starting a blog and ietddsranunng what your voice should be. I think bloggers forget who is listening or who they want to be listening as a prime example. I really, think that if you want a successful blog you need to figure out what type of engagement you are with your listeners and that niche community as well. You could know very little about SEO or the background but if you keep pumpiing out great content and engaging with your niche with it’s various sites, blogs, and forums people will listen to your voice I’m sure of it. I really like this post for various reasons and have gone ahead and bookmarked it for later use. Thanks!

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