Living, Working, and Homeschooling on the Road – Educational Family Travel (Podcast)

Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the country, or even the world, homeschooling your kids? 

 Or have you ever wished you could show your kids the world around them hands-on, instead of experiencing it just through books and TV?

Well, for the last four years, that’s exactly what my friend Tonya Prater, from Live the Adventure, has been doing. 

In today’s podcast, Tonya generously shares with what’s like to travel and homeschool.

Tonya shares with us:

- How you can work educational opportunities into your travels, if you’re traveling full-time or just taking a family vacation

- Advice on how to get started as a traveling, homeschooling family

- Tips on how to stay safe and chose safe locations to stay and visit

- What it’s like to travel with a dog

- The pros and cons of living, working, and homeschooling while traveling

- How to stay connected with friends and family while you are on the road

- How to meet new families while traveling and where to find local educational sites to visit along the way

As a working, homeschooling mom, Tonya also shares how she balances working and homeschooling while living in a small camper (RV) with her family (which includes 3 teenagers and a dog), including where to find free interent access while on the road. 

We even touched on homeschooling laws, record keeping, and how to deal with criticism from strangers when they learn you homeschool.

Tonya is a wonderful resources to learn from and I hope you enjoy this interview with her. I certainly did.

To listen in, simply click the play button below. To download the recording to your computer, right click on download link below and choose ‘Save Target As’.



P.S. Tonya is the process of writing two ebooks. One on Frugal Family Travel, incorporating her tips and exeriences from the last 4 years on how we can frugally travel with our families, and the other on Homeschool Portfolios, which as you heard on the podcast, she has great experience with. If you are interested in learning more about these upcoming ebooks, be sure to follow Tonya over on her blog, or on her Facebook fan page.

P.S.S. For U.S.-based travel, here’s that link that Tonya and I discussed on how to learn what the homeschool laws are in each state

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3 Responses to Living, Working, and Homeschooling on the Road – Educational Family Travel (Podcast)

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  2. More power to you!
    This (like many) has also been a dream of mine. I am a single, Christian, homeschooling mom and have my reservations (because I’m single) but am working on making this dream a reality.
    Signed, Homeschooling for 9 years and not stopping now!

  3. shaunda walker says:

    Hi! My husband is talking about going on the road and has for a while–we don’t know how to do the financial side of it or the banking-do you have any suggestions?

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