Teaching Our Kids to Dig Deep and Do Their Best

Complacency – it’s a dangerous thing. And I’m afraid that in my homeschooling my tendency to give the kids room to explore their interests, I may have been a little too lenient with certain children. Or maybe, it’s just that there’s a perpetual battle to over come our natural desires to do as little work as possible.

But something I know is that amazing things are possible, when we dig deep, rely on strength that comes deep within, from our faith, from our inner most reserves. Over time I’ve had to dig that deep to get through, and I’m sure it will be required again. But the question I ask myself is how to do I teach my kids this.

Well, this week, while doing the Fat Loss Quickie program, I ran into this clip from Facing the Giants, and today required my 10 and 12 year olds to watch it with me.

It’s a powerful statement on what happens when we really dig deep, and don’t let the negative self talk or our desire to do the easy or give up over take us. And it’s a powerful statement on the power of role models and leadership.

If you have tweens and teens, I encourage you to share this with them. And if not, take a few minutes to watch it yourself. It may inspire you through a challenge in the future.


P.S. For those of you who aren’t American football fans, the in zone was a 100 yards.

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  1. I love this scene (and this movie). Thanks for posting it here!

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