Review: The LightKeeper’s Daughter by Colleen Coble

The Lightkeeper's Daughter by Colleen Coble

Christian book publisher, Thomas Nelson, recently sent me a complimentary review copy of  The LightKeeper’s Daughter by Colleen Coble as part of their BookSneeze program.

The book came right around Christmas, in perfect time for me to take some time to kickback and do some reading just for me. And this book did not disappoint.

The Lightkeeper’s Daughter is set in the early 1900s, in a small rural town of Mercy Falls, set on the North Coast of California, and revolves around Addie Sullivan, a young woman, and her journey to find out who she really is, after a stranger revealed that the parents who raised her were not actually her biological parents at all.

With the help of the stranger, she gets a job as a governess for the family from which she is supposedly related, not disclosing who she thinks she is. And from there the mystery of how she came to be separated from her biological family and why is played out. And of course during this she falls in love with her young charge’s father.

This a Christian historical romance with a bit of mystery and suspense, which is right along what I prefer for light, relaxing reading. The book is set in a place where I have actually lived (Ferndale, CA), so it was nice to see how well the author weaved truth and fiction together.

The story was interesting and flowed well for me, to the point where I didn’t put it down while my family watched a movie in the same room. Perfect for light, escape reading, it’s a book that stimulates the mind to figure out the mystery and warms the heart with a little Christian romance. 

If you like a little suspense and a little historical romance, The LightKeeper’s Daughter is a good read, one that I would share with my mom and mother-in-law in a heart beat, and would even let my daughter read.

You can find The Lightkeeper’s Daughter at Thomas Nelson, on, on, or possibly even your local library :)

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