How You can Make a Difference in Haiti

Looking for ways to help with the devestation in Haiti?

Visualize Haiti Alecia Settle, a homeschooling mom & the author of Visualize Haiti, has given me permission to share this information with you.

Alecia’s ministry supports mission work in Haiti and around the globe, but she has a special affection for Haiti, as you’ll see…

Here’s Alecia’s advice on a few options to help Haitians right now:

Thank you for your concern about Haiti.  This has been a very hard week for our family.  We have worked in Haiti meeting physical needs in the name of Jesus since 2004.  We have a nearly 7 year old Haitian daughter we adopted at age 3.

As you are probably seeing on the news, the most immediate need is financial because supplies are so hard to get in right now.  This is due not only to the paperwork involved in getting them through customs, but it also means someone has to get down to customs to “negotiate” with the customs agent on a price to release them, assuming they aren’t stolen before they arrive. 

The missionaries actually living in Haiti have tried and true less expensive and more efficient ways of acquiring exactly what they need if they have the money.

I will be heading down over the next couple of weeks,  but in the mean time I will list several options of friends I know personally who will be good stewards of your money or donations:

 Baptist Haiti Mission

They have a church, hospital and school on site.

Manna Global Ministries

This is Church of Christ and has a feeding program, school, and medical clinic.  These are the folks I work with most.

 Chances 4 Children

This is my daughter’s orphanage and is non-religious based.

 God’s Littlest Angels

Operated by a Christian friend of mine.  You will see her interview with Matt Lauer on the website.

Please pray about your donations and give any way you feel led.

 Alecia Settle

Visualize Publishing, LLC

If you feel led, I encourage you to support the families of Haiti, in anyway you can.  Another option of course is to purchase Alecia’s book Visualize Haiti, where 100% of the profits go towards her mission work. And it is a beautiful way to share Haiti with your children, and make real the tradegy the Haitian people are experiencing.


P.S., Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who might be looking for a way to help the Haitians. It will greatly bless those who are on the island first-hand doing the work to help the children and families of Haiti.

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3 Responses to How You can Make a Difference in Haiti

  1. Kayla Fay says:

    Thanks for this list. I have parents who lead missions trips, and we know how helpful it is to receive giving advice from someone who sees organizations first hand. Even reputable organizations have different levels of effectiveness, depending on where they are serving.

    I love the story on this blog from the Littlest Angels organization:

  2. Gautier says:

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  3. Piyawat says:

    Just a note to let you know that I just finished maikng my first small project bag from your pattern. You did a wonderful job with the instructions! Now I need to make some more as gifts for my quilting group. Thanks again for a great pattern! Sure beats the heck out of the bag from _ _ _ _ that is there at the shop. It took our group 2 days to figure out her instructions!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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