Goal Setting with Kids: Creating Vision Boards

Since we have such big goals for this year, we started back to school with something new and fun – creating vision boards. So that you can see what I mean, I shot a quick, candid video for you. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to Goal Setting with Kids: Creating Vision Boards

  1. Tonya says:

    What a great idea! And I love the video you created to explain the concept to us, your readers! As soon as I saw the Eiffel Tower on Kate’s board I about died because my own daughter is obsessed with Paris!

    We certainly don’t have room to hang everything up here, but I’m going to adapt it a bit and have the kids create a vision board suitable for their notebooks because I think this is a great idea! Also, we may do a family one that we’ll find room to hang up that we can all contribute to.

  2. Hey Tonya! I was totally thinking of you when I did this video, esp with you question about them on Facebook. But yeah, it might be hard to hang all this up in the RV :)

    This concept works really well for scrapbooks as well or on computer screen savers. Or on a cupboard door. Have fun with it! ….and keep adding to it. I’m going to have the kids have a scheduled 15 minute block each week to work on their vision boards, just to keep things alive and focused.

    Kate would love to go to Paris….and Rome, and Greece, …and England. But France has a special place in her heart. I’m hoping that maybe by her 16th birthday we can do a family trip to Europe.

    Hope you are staying warm!

  3. Life Compass says:

    I LOVE your vision board idea. Thanks for posting this video. We have 5 kids whom we homeschool. We’re going to give the vision board a try!

  4. Kai Collins says:

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  7. Besi says:

    Just caught up on your blog and as usual, you’re thtoghus have been so honestly refreshing and insightful Tis a hard spot to be in to be overwhelmed by how deep our sin goes. And how freeing, to know that God’s love goes not just as deep, but deeper! And that through Him we are more than conquerors! ::sigh:: I do not have a sunrise reminder yet I’ve had moments where I’m blown away at the thought of God’s love, but I have not been convinced of how deep His love goes for _me_ have not been pulled out of that depravity rut for a very long time. Your post put words to what I’ve been yearning for P.S.: I’m so glad you finally got to see the wonder of a sunrise! And I hope you get to see many more

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