Clean Your (Home) Office Challenge – The AFTER Tour

Yeah! It’s clean! (or as clean as I’m going to get it).

The January Challenge over on the mastermind group I belong to was to clean our desktops/ home offices. And as you saw on the before tour, my office really needed a cleaning.

Well, here’s the result (and thank you for keeping me accountable!)

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4 Responses to Clean Your (Home) Office Challenge – The AFTER Tour

  1. Love your nice big office with such great windows!
    Ok, now that we have organized our offices, the real challenge: How do we keep it that way?

  2. Cathy – thanks! I’ve tried other office areas, but this is the one that I really like. Lots of light :) And yes… the question definitely is… how do we keep it this way? I’ve definitely got to figure that one out. though I have to say, I do like the difference in how it all looks and feels now that there’s not stacks and stacks of stuff to deal with

  3. Shannon,
    Very impressive! I’m so curious to know what the books are on the shelves and exactly what all the bins and such are used for. I’d love to visit. I am in the process – very slow right now of redoing our homeschool room and perhaps if I knew how to do the video of before and after and such I’d go ahead and post as well on you tube. Now serious the challenge should be can you get it clean on the first day of every month or something realistic as always keeping it clean may be to lofty for any of us. Let me know when I can have the tour.

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