My First Blog Award!

My friend Tonya over at Live the Adventure has made my year by honoring me with my first blog award!

Very cool. Now part of the deal with the blog award is that I have to answer these 35 (!) questions, so here goes:

1.Where is your cell phone: I have no idea. We no longer have cell phone service so it’s somewhere collecting dust.

2. Your hair: is dark brown with more and more gray streaks showing up each day

3. Your mother: is fun to talk to.

4. Your father: always has interesting advice.

5. Your favorite food: Fresh Fruit – satsuma, oranges, apples, plums (right off the tree!), strawberries, blueberries, blackberries (right off the vine!), grapes, oh Yum!

6. Your dream from last night: haven’t the faintest clue, but I could tell you my 5yo daughter’s :)

7. Your favorite drink: Caribou Coffee Mint Condition Mocha, but when all else fails – hot peppermint tea

8. Your dream/goal: to be a good mommy and wife, and to fulfill my vision of success :)

9. What room are you in: Office/Living Room

10. What is your hobby: writing, reading, gardening, taking pictures, traveling…(oh, was I supposed to list only to choose..)

11. What is your fear: that someone will hurt my kids.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Hmm…Enjoying my teenagers (they’ll be 18, 16, 14, and 12 then)

13. Where were you last night: at home

14. Something you are not: a lot of things.

15. Muffins: Chocolate Chocolate Chip (Yum!)

16. Wish List items: happiness for my husband, a ranch and horses for my younger daughter, a trip to Europe with and for my oldest daughter, Robotics for my 10 yo son, and the world for my 7 yo son who wants to be President.

17. Where did you grow up: The Redwood Forest, Humboldt County, CA

18. Last thing you did: Talked to my 12 yo daughter

19. What are you wearing: jeans and a colorful (and comfy) top

20. Your TV: is OFF

21. Your pets: My cat vacated the premises when the kids’ pets moved in <pout>. But in all the total pets in our house are 6 cats who allow us to live here, 1 very cute dog (my daughter’s), and 2 fish. 

22. Your friends: are wonderful.

23. Your life: is amazing.

24. Your mood: varies.

25. Missing someone: my youngest brother Cove

26. Vehicle: a mini-van that is dead. (My husband is graciously allowing me to use his mini-van on the days I need it)

27. Something you’re not wearing: socks

28. Your favorite store: any bookstore!

29. Your favorite color: Blue

30. When’s the last time you laughed: a few minutes ago

31. When’s the last time you cried: last weekend

32. Your best friend: is gracious and forgiving.

33. One place you go over and over: the grocery store

34. One person who emails me regularly: my friend Melissa

35. Favorite place to eat? Out – take your pick (Mongolian grill, Italian, TGIFridays, Fuddruckers, as long as it’s NOT fast food and has flavor!)

Now the second part of this is that I have to pass this award on to 6 other blogs. Oh that’s hard – especially since the first blog that I would choose and can’t is Tonya’s!

If you haven’t met Tonya, well, I recommend checking out her site. She and her family are a homeschooling family on the move – literally!

They are fullfilling one of my dreams, traveling around, homeschooling, in an RV. She blogs about their adventures  regularly over on her Live the Adventure blog.

But since I can’t give her back the award, I do have a 6 blogs that I love that I will be passing this on to over the next couple days. So be sure to come back and check out who I choose. :)


Update: Here’s the links to my six picks:

And the Award Goes To… (Part 1)

And the Award Goes To… (Part 2)

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4 Responses to My First Blog Award!

  1. Tonya says:

    Love this! I’m so nosy- because I love to read how my favorite bloggers answer the questions!:) I think I need to give your favorite drink a try, Caribou Mint Chocolate…hmmm…sounds de-lish! Can’t wait to see your six favorite blogs- I’ll certainly be checking back in! Blessings to you my friend…

  2. Shannon says:

    Tonya, If you like Andes mints and mochas you’ll love a Caribou Coffee Mint Condition. It’s yummy! We don’t have a Caribou Coffee here in Houston (to my knowledge) so it’s a special treat when I travel. Otherwise at Starbucks, I’ll get a reguar mocha with a couple shots of peppermint. Also YUM but the not hte same as the Caribou Coffee Mint Condition. Definitely worth trying if you like mint and chocoate together, like I do.

    Thanks again for the blog award dear friend!

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