Free Audio of the Christmas Story


Recording artist Matthew West is giving away a beautiful recording of the Christmas Story. 

The Christmas story from Luke Chapter 2 is beautifully interweaved with a recording of “Away in the Manger”.

You can listen to the recording directly on The Christ of Christmas website.

Or, you can download a zip file containing the mp3 from The Parable Christ of Christmas website. The link is directly below the video. You’ll also have the option to download a zip file with the MP3 of the Gospel of John as well.

The mp3 files can then be download to your mp3 player, to your (or your child’s) iPod, or using iTunes (which is free) can be burned directly to a cd that can be played on any cd player.

Personally, I’ll be burning a copy to CD so we can listen to on Christmas Eve while out doing last minute Christmas shopping. :) And I’m sure it will find it’s way onto my iPod too.

Might even make a good stocking stuffer. :)


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