And the Award Goes to… (Part 1)

Since Tonya awarded me with the “Over the Top” blog award, it’s now my responsibility (and honor) to pass it on to six blogs that I think are “Over the Top”.

And you know what? This is harder than one would think. So many of my readers and friends have such wonderful blogs, to pull out just six is well… difficult. But here goes…

Drum roll please…. :)

First is fellow work-at-home, homeschooling mom (of 2), Elizabeth (aka FrazzledMom) over at Frazzled Mom’s Blog. Elizabeth shares beautiful pictures of her home decorating, garden, and yummy recipes, and shares her thoughts on being a mom, wife, and homemaker.

I was recently at Elizabeth’s house for a tea party and can attest first hand that she is as gracious as she appears on the blog and her home reflects it.

Elizabeth also has a homeschooling blog (you can find the link in her side bar.) which is worth visiting as well.

Melissa-SageGardenNext up is my friend and fellow homeschooling mom (of 5), Melissa over at Her tagline sums up her perspective, “Planting Scripture, Growing Wisdom”. 

Melissa blogs about what she’s reading, homeschooling, her thoughts and perspective, and little stories that reflect her heart.

In real life Melissa and I get together about once a month for 3 hours for coffee and sanity :) and I always feel refreshed afterwards. When I need a pick-me up in between, I head over to her blog for a bit of encouragement and perspective.

Jennifer SikoraAnd third is another fellow work-at-home homeschooling mom (to 2), Jennifer Sikora at For Such A Time As This . Jennifer blogs about homeschooling, being a mom, and a wife; and shares wonderful photos of her family and yummy recipes.

She recently moved her recipes off to another blog, so that’s worth checking out too! Jennfier’s insights into marriage and being a wife always make me think and help me be accountable to my own goals as a wife.

So that’s the first three!  And Click here the post for the next three :)


Elizabeth, Melissa, and Jennifer: If you are up to it, please share your answers to the 35 questions on your blog and pass the award on to 6  blogs you feel are “Over the Top”.  Here’s the example of how Tonya did it, and here’s my post of my answers to the questions.

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2 Responses to And the Award Goes to… (Part 1)

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  2. Wow! I was just being nosy and checking on your blog because your FB status said you updated it. I was surprised to see you naming my crazy blog as an “Over the Top Blog” award. It made me giggle. If there was an “ADHD Blog” award I should get that. Ack! I don’t even know what I am doing! You made my day (month/year) Shannon. Now I need to get to work on the questions… this is where the ADHD part comes in handy.

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