Homeschool Mom Encouragement from Karri

 You may remember homeschooling mom Karri Fieglein from her 26 Tips for Overcoming Homeschool Burnout guest post. When Karri shares her insights I’m always amazed at what I learn. Today, Karri has agreed to allow me to share with you her latest encouragement and insight.  Enjoy! …Shannon  P.S. (Thanks Karri!)

We’re Not Alone

By  Karri Fieglein

We are more like doctors as home school parents than most would usually think. Each day we are called to diagnose the problems and figure out a solution and then offer preventative care as well so we do not have to deal with the situation/ behavior/ heart issue again.  We often have to do this many times a day and with each child plus the variables are constantly changing. 

Parenting in itself is so hard but then add all the home school work and being with them so much and it makes it even more difficult. I doubt anyone has ever looked at any of us and said “Wow, you have life so easy with this added task that you have decided to take.” 

The beauty in that is that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Twenty years from now when we are further down the road we’ll all look back with wonder and how we pulled through it all and made it. We’ll see how great our kids are doing and be happy we made the choice to take the hard less traveled road. 

But ya, the here and now aren’t always so easy and sometimes I think all of us feel like we are ready for a break or to even throw in the towel completely.  Hopefully just being reminded that we aren’t alone in our pursuits helps.

As homeschool parents, we have to diagnose problems that  can constantly change even with the same patient, including:

 1.       Bad attitude

2.       Tired

3.       Lazy

4.       Lack of drive and desire

5.       Comprehension problem

6.       Content of the work is too difficult

7.       Work too easy

8.       Trying to get attention

9.       Feeling sad or upset by a situation

10.   Feeling mad at the parent for some reason

11.   Lack of positive role model

12.   Have been exposed to bad role model

13.   Want to play games and goof off

14.   No incentives

15.   Think it’s not fair

16.   Feel over burdened

17.   Feel bored

18.   Frustration with the same day to day schedule and routine

19.   Too busy arguing with siblings

20.   Not enough time with the Lord

And the list goes on

Often too we have the many of the same issues and often we have some of the following in addition to that:

 1.       We compare with others

2.       We sign up for too many things

3.       We set ourselves up for failure as we try to do too much

4.       We don’t say no

5.       We don’t set up enough limitations for the family

6.       We don’t cut ourselves or our kids enough slack (lack of grace)

7.       We don’t say we love them enough

8.       We feel like failures if we think our kid should be somewhere in their education that they aren’t

9.       We rush around trying to be everything to everyone and forget ourselves and become burned out

10.   We don’t have enough fun

11.   We forget to enjoy the journey

12.   We forget that homeschooling is a marathon, not a quick little sprint

13.   Lack of patience

14.   Unrealistic expectations

And the list goes on.

There is hope though. 

All of these can be taken care of easily if we just get out of the way and let God do his work and trust him to not only meet our kids needs but ours too.  If we will ask him where we need help and what we should do each and every day, he’ll show us. 

Oh I need to read this as much as I write it.  But I know it’s true. God has shown me over and over that if we take all the little things to him he will be faithful to help us. Nothing is too big or small to seek him on.

A couple weeks ago I felt like I wanted more help from the hubby, accountability for the kids, the schedule needed to be tweaked, and it all felt a bit over whelming with #6’s new arrival.  God gave me inspiration, great book recommendations from friends, support and encouragement and some neat ideas to help with things.  All I did was ask and he provided abundantly. 

Now don’t get me wrong we have new problems this morning and we’ll have new ones tomorrow too I’m sure. But I know that the reason for all of this is so that I can lean and depend on God and so that he can have a very real and true relationship with me and mine.

I think that sometimes we get over whelmed by the kid or the situation or whatever and we forget in the moment just how big of a God we serve and how much he loves our kids even more than we do. 

If we trust him completely with them then that means we have to let go and hold an open hand.  We used to attend Second Baptist and Dr. Young always said that unless you open your tight fist and grip on things you can’t receive the blessing either.
Today, as I write this, I am reminding myself what a great and awesome God we serve and how I need to loosen my grip on his children and my control over my life, because really it shouldn’t be my will but it should be his will; it shouldn’t be my plans but it should be his plans; it shouldn’t be my day, but it should be his day.

Today is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Blessing to you my friends

Much Love


Karri Fieglein is a homeschooling mom of six  and the Foundations Director of Katy, TX for Classical Conversations, a Classical Christian Community. For more information on Classical Conversations, visit

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