Fun, Kid-Friendly Recipes for Halloween or Fall (Review)

I don’t know about your kids, but my tweens love to gross me out with spooky or disgusting stuff. And of course that makes for an interesting Halloween delimma, that’s when all the spooky, scary paraphenalia is out on the shelves for them to dream about. Spiders down my back, slime coated handles, you get the idea…

But, it is fun, putting aside Halloween, to play around with them a little. So this year, I picked up a copy of’s 35 Easy and fun Halloween Recipes ebook to see if there were any ideas I could use to gross out the kids.

But, my intended surprise was spoiled when the kids caught me going through the ebook and came to look over my shoulder. They had so much fun going through looking at the recipes and playing picking things to make just based off the names, like:

- Ewey Gooey Eyeballs
- Scrambled Brains
- Vampire Bat Stew

Even though, I’m not going to do these for Halloween, I found some great ideas for snacks and even meals in the recipe portion of the book.

There are 35 recipes total, ranging from appetizers and snacks, to kids-friendly entrees, and of course desserts. The two candied apple recipes were enough to have our mouths watering. For a sampling of some of dessert recipes, check out this video:

Even though the ebook is geared towards Halloween, the recipes are appropriate for a kid or tween party, just a fun family dinner, or even for a harvest party.

Several recipes use pumpkin (which is super nutritious), including Pumpkin Soup, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake”, stuffed mini-pumpkins, Cranberry Pumpkin bread, and of course instructions for roasting pumpkin seeds.

For those of you who participate in Halloween, there are four bonsus: 15 pumpkin carving templates, 5 Spooky short stories, one multi-chapter spooky story, and 7 ideas for halloween party fun, several of which are wholesome enough for a harvest festival or just a fun fall kids party.

With bonuses, the ebook is a hefty 175 pages, most of which are from the bonus stories. The recipe portion is 36 pages.

For $7, 35 Easy and Fun Halloween Recipes is a reasonable buy if you are looking for some fun kid-friendly recipes to try, even if you don’t do Halloween. But for those of you who do do Halloween, the bonuses make this ebook a great deal.

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